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Contact us

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly.

Contact Us

Please fill out the form and we'll get back to you shortly. 

Alter-Moderne Events & Services Co., started in 2016, is a team of young, creative and dynamic experts with experience in the field of hosting, creative planning, styling, arts and production.  

Anchored with our vision to make a local global,  

Alter-Moderne Events is wired with a world class mentality

pushing every detail to be the best in making a big or small project excellent.

We ensure that the service is aligned with the expectation to create an event to remember.  
Our work begins when you start discussing your dream event.
Because every detail counts, we make sure they are executed as planned . 
This is our commitment to you. 
Rex del Rosario
Managing Director, Alter-Moderne Events

Meet Rex

Mr. Rex del Rosario is dubbed as one of the notable hosts for social and corporate events in Davao.  He has the charisma and enthusiasm to make every event not only great but more than anything, memorable to everyone who experienced it at the very planning and actual event except that Rex will always make sure that you only get the best possible services and entertainment. 

Being in the industry for a decade, with 6 years as a radio jockey, 3 years of it as a Marketing Officer/DJ, and 9 years as a quality assurance supervisor for transaction and analytics for a BPO company,  Rex del Rosario has built a name for himself in both industries.  


His ardent desire for a perfect event armed with enthusiasm, quality assurance & radio events experience led him to explore greater heights as a Social and Corporate Event Organizer backed by the big names in the Event Industry as his Service Providers.  To back his experience with theories, he has attended several trainings and certifications on both Weddings and Corporate Event Planning, Events Management, Risk Management and Event Design organized by notable organizations such as Philippine Association of Wedding Planners, Ascendence Asia and Philippine MICE Academy.  Now, Rex is on his way to certifying himself as a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). 

Rex and his team will make sure that every detail counts in preparing for the big event.  His team has devised a plan to perfect the planning stage by fusing a system and documentation for a hassle-free event.